Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sbarro, SM City Naga

SBARRO, SM City Naga 
A Sbarro a Day, Feeds the Family  Everyday.

The best thing that ever happened to Naga City after
the devastation of Typhoon Glenda is the opening  of the
very first SBARRO Store in Bicol at SM City Naga.

My family is a big fan of Sbarro and we always take
the chance of dining in the restaurant whenever we see
one wherever we are either in the Philippines or abroad.

We never really tried dining at the SM City Naga
foodcourt in the past as it was always overcrowded
and noisy, but there is really not much that we can do
since our favorite restaurant opened its very first outlet
in the city, in our least favorite dining area in the mall.

Fortunately, Sbarro’s Naga offers a complete menu,
despite being not a full restaurant located in a food court.

But we could always order our food to go-
so enjoying a Sbarro’s  delicious pizza and
pasta specialties in Naga, despite not having a
comfortable dining area, is not a problem at all.
I could always enjoy them at home or in my clinic.

They do not deliver yet, so I added an additional task to my
clinic assistants to buy me a Sbarro’s meal almost everyday

Our day is not complete without having a Sbarro’s
either for snacks or lunch, and their White Pizza,
which is made of perfectly blended ricotta and
mozzarella, and lightly flavored with garlic is a
delicious way to refuel at work and keep you going. 

Sbarro’s Pepperoni Pizza is must as it has generous
toppings of Pepperoni, made from original Sbarro 
recipe,  lying on a thick and chewy mozzarella bed. 

Sbarro’s Cheese Pizza is uniquely made of whole milk
that blended well with the mozzarella cheese and made
it so rich and creamy . It tastes so good and the velvety
toppings sticks in your palate, so you get  to savor the
delightfully pungent cheese aftertaste in every bite.

If the plain cheese pizza is not enough, Sbarro’s 
Four Cheese Pizza topped with  mozzarella, 
parmesan, ricotta and cheddar deliciously blending
together for a perfectly delightful cheesy overload. 

Sbarro’s is also popular for their humongous stuffed
pizzas  and are perfect for lunch or dinner. Our favorite
is of course the Sausage and Pepperoni Stuffed Pizza,
that comes generously packed, bursting at the seams
with mozzarella, Italian sausage, pepperoni, Romano
cheese and flavored with various herbs and spices.

Another stuffed pizza favorite is the Chicago White,
a mouth-watering pizza brimming with the perfectly
blended flavors of mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, ricotta
and had a precise tangy sweetness of pineapples.

For a real stuffed pizza overload no one can beat
Supereme Stuffed Pizza, filled with generous stuffing
of mozzarella, Italian sausage, onions,  bell peppers,
mushrooms and pepperoni. You would get into a
glutinous high as the pizza was  heaping with an
overabundance of indescribably wonderful flavors.

To sate everybody's enormous hungry pizza appetite, only Sbarro's 
could fill a humongous desire for a delicious pizza by taking out
their giant pizza big enough to feed a traditionally big Pinoy  family.

The best tasting al dente Spaghetti in town is from  
Sbarros. Who could ever say no to a firm, perfectly
cooked Italian spaghetti topped with thick,  rich tomato
sauce where one could  actually bite the  bits  and pieces
of fresh tomatoes flavored with various herbs and spices?

This Spaghetti is also available topped
with special recipe meat sauce, also
flavored  with various herbs and spices
and served with huge, tasty meatball on top.

Their Pasta Alfredo looked plain as the pasta
was topped with nothing but with the creamy
classic Alfredo sauce but still tasted great.

All Sbarro’s pastas are served with
their signature yummy Garlic Bread. 

Recently I have read an interesting article
published  in the web about a guy Guy who
ate nothing but pizza for the last 25 years.

That’s no big deal. I can do the same thing, as
long as it's from Sbarro, I could eat it for life.

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