Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jollibee, Naga-Panganiban: #burgersad but #chickensad no more

Jollibee, Naga-Panganiban
#burgersad but #chickensad no more 

If there is one thing that could ruin a pre-planned family dinner is when
a popular fast food chain launches new toys for their kiddie meal deals.

Any parent wouldn’t be able to say no, and break a young child’s  heart when
they wish to have the latest free toys that goes together with the kiddie meal.

That’s exactly what happened on a weekend that made us dine once 
again at Jollibee for the Tom and Gerry toys on their kiddie meals.

There were three toys available so we were given three choices which turned out to be
very difficult as we never really liked the dishes included on the meal. We finally
chose two burgers as we decided to give them to the street kids at the a parking area.

My son decided to have Chicken Joy for the third 
Kiddie Meal,  not that he likes this salty joyless looking
 chicken,  but there’s  really nothing he can do about it- 
as it was the best choice that this meal deal could offer.
Although the popular chicken dish was already available,
it still looked unappetizing, and tasted rubberry and briny 
The #chickensad tagline was real and lasting after all.

The only edible dishes in Jollibee are their big burgers, 
but they were not available, making us #burgersad.

…so was our favorite Peach Mango Pie 
and made us #peachmangopiesad..

No one had the appetite to their other uninteresting
offerings so  we settled for the French Fries,

.... and small servings of Sundae so we would have 
something to eat while my son finishes his chicken.

We went home hungry, but at least Jollibee made my young 
son happy with his  precious loot of Tom and Jerry toys. 

Who are we, (adults) to complain?

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