Saturday, July 5, 2014

Three Cakes and a Birthday

Three Cakes and a Birthday 

When my son Timothy turned 10,
he had three birthday cakes that
turned his birthday three times fun.

The first one was a Red Ribbon Cake  when we 
celebrated a lunch time party  with  our employees. 

 Red Ribbon has been a reliable source
for impromptu customized birthday cakes
that are great tasting and very affordable
but they have this rather generic appearance.

When we arrived home, he received a
beautiful birthday cake as a gift from
his teacher, Ten and her boyfriend John. 

It had a figure of a little boy
sitting at the top of the cake, 

…with a striking likeness of
my son in his school uniform,

…complete with backpack,

…and had a book, a pencil and
an eraser strewn on the side.

We initially thought it was made
by Cake My Day, our favorite  cake
shop in Naga City but we were wrong.

It was baked by Ms. Carla Bongalonta,
from Molave St., Liboton, Naga City.

Finally, Cake My day baked a fabulous
and beautiful birthday cake for Timothy.

It had a Hi 5 theme,
his favorite TV show.

Just like any other Cake My Day
creations, the attention to detail was
very meticulous and impressive.

Each figure and decoration they
put in the cake is a work of art.

A Cake My Day birthday cake,
never fails to put a happy smile
on the birthday celebrant's face.

We celebrated Tim’s birthday at
the forests of Panicuason and the
cake was a certified head turner.

Indeed, birthdays are more fun if you have more
fancy cakes and more birthday candles to blow.

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