Sunday, July 20, 2014

Giligan’s SM City Naga

Giligan’s SM City Naga

 We have long been planning to dine at Giligan’s in SM City Naga but the 
mall’s multi- level parking has always been full packed every weekend.

 We finally got to dine when we 
chanced upon a vacant parking.

 The marina- themed restaurant
 was full packed that night,

 …and since we were in a hurry, we didn’t have time to browse 
the menu- and we just pointed out a Packaged Group Meal.

 It consisted of six glasses of Iced Tea
and two platters of white rice ,

 … a Vegetarian Kare Kare, which we all liked as it tasted 
just like the  real thing but a healthier version as it did not use 
any meat on it, and it was served with bagoong as a side dish.

It also came with Grilled Bangus, that was perfectly done, it was very 
 delicious but nobody wanted to touch  it as it was not the boneless
 variety, it was very thorny making it very dangerous for the kids to eat.

 Their Sisig is one of the best versions that me and my family tasted so far. 
It wasn’t reeking or bathing in oil and lard, it wasn’t as mayonnaisy  like the 
other local versions, it was tasty, not vinegary and it was delightfully crunchy.

 The Giligan’s Crispy Pata is to die for,

....literally as it is fat and cholesterol laden, and figuratively as is was
  delicious and crunchy on the outside, chewy  and  tasty in  between; 
that you wouldn’t mind eating the subcutaneous fats at all, 


... very succulent, flavorsome 
and tender on the inside.

We enjoyed the food on our first 
dining experience at Giligan’s 


...and we are looking forward on trying 
other delicious dishes they offer, as well 
on our future visits to the restaurant.

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