Monday, August 6, 2012

Sosimo, at last

Sosimo (at last)
Magsaysay Ave., Naga City

We have been trying to dine at Sosimo
for the past few months,
but found no luck in looking for a parking space,

We found a vacant parking space last Saturday afternoon…
and finally got the chance to dine at Sosimo…

They have a wide choice
of Spanish dishes.

Being first time diners,
we asked the waiter for their specialties
(that served us complimentary- yes,  free iced tea)
and suggested the following:

Costillas (mini spare ribs) as appetizer-
which tasted like a soy sauce- less  and vinegar- less Adobo.
It was very delicious.

It’s adobo without being salty and oily.
I believe the appetizer would go well with rice.

It took them long to serve the main meal
so my wife ordered another appetizer-
Patatas Bravas...

 It was so yummy and the best appetizer we tasted so far.
The potatoes are crispy on the outside, but velvety inside
and bathed with and orange- colored sauce
with hint of herbs and spices.

Then came to main course…

Arroz a’la Valenciania was the best
dish of this kind in the city…
Generous serving of  seafood toppings…

It reminded us of the Arroz a'la Valenciana
we had at the Harbor House...

at San Diego’s Embarcadero..

that we have been craving ever since.
We found it back home at Sosimo’s.

The Viki a’la Pobre was so good
It is a Dory steamed in foil
With all the juices, herb and spices
trapped at the bottom…

The Calamari Balsamico was juicy
and sweetish and tasted really good…

I forgot the name of the Chicken Dish
but it was the best we tasted so far.


“Eat when you drink, drink when you eat…”
Sosimo’s tagline is hip and catchy…
That it attracts students and the yuppies…

The restaurant is more of a bar

rather than as a place to dine
 (even without the wine)

But with the fabulous food they offer …

It’s about time they promote the restaurant not just as bar
-but as a family dining destination as well.

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