Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pro Chef's Office, Eating and Learning

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We had another dining schedule
at the Pro Chef Office…

..the unique restaurant and coffee shop
at the ADC Hotel in Magsaysay Avenue…

 …that serves fine dining and let the diners  
learn how to cook it too.

Our dining and cooking session started with
a Kani Salad in Crispy Rice Pastry…

…followed by
Herb and Mushroom Soup

We learned a valuable lesson
while the chef cooked our main dish…

Be sure to buy beef in a meat shop
with good sanitary standard…
as it should not be washed with water
to retain the natural flavor

To tenderize the beef it should only be braised
with onions and let it cook on its natural juices
covered  for an hour or two…
(no water should be added to preserve flavor and nutrients)


Indeed, we had a full flavored braised beef….
served with a vegetarian pasta,
and Bolognaise Potatoes….

…and a heavenly fat free
 and sugar free sorbet for dessert

Indeed, Pro Chef’s Office lets you eat,
teaches you how to cook...

...and  would never let you run away
without a satisfying dining  and learning experience.

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