Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nikko's Ark

Nikko’s Ark
Magsaysay Ave., corner Penafrancia Ave
Naga City

Is it possible to dine in a cruise ship
in a landlocked city like Naga?


The answer is yes.

In a landlocked cruise ship- shaped
Resto- bar called Nikko’s Ark.

The place is a popular place for wining-
and never been known as a dining destination…

…but upon hearing that they also
serve wide array of international dishes…
we finally decided to visit the popular ark.


The kids were amused with the idea
of dining in a ship at the middle of the city…
miles and miles away from the ocean…

…we we’re served with waiters
dressed as sailors…

…and discovered the hidden
culinary treasures of the high seas…
in the heart of Naga City….


We were served Murtabak as an appetizer…
a pan-fried bread with  minced meat, garlic, onion, and spices
and is eaten with curry sauce.

The dish was tasty enough to perk you appetite…

Their Corn and Crab Chowder Soup
was tasted really good…

My family loves Catfish I was excited
 to see Fried Catfish in the menu.
It was really huge crispy but juicy catfish…

…that reminded us of the tasty Fried Catfish
we had in New Orleans in the past…

The Baby Back Ribs had a tangy taste.
It was so tender that the meat falls off from the bone..
and melts in your mouth with all the
barbecue goodness to savor…

The Grilled Tuna Belly was tender but chewy
and had a perfect moisture even after being grilled…

The Fish Fillet with creamy Pesto sauce
was so delicious that you would end up craving for more…

We found the beef and Brocolli
a little bit overcooked and soggy
but still tasted great.

They ran out of Prawns during our visit
and expected more seafood items from the menu
being a maritime themed restaurant…

it was still a unique culinary experience
of being able to dine in a cruise ship…
in the middle of a landlocked  city

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