Saturday, November 30, 2019

Villa Caceres Gastronomy

Villa Caceres Gastronomy 

Three of the best places to dine in Naga City
are in- house restaurants of Villa Caceres Hotel.

RJ’s Buffet, definitely the most extensive buffet
not only in Naga City but for whole Bicol as well.

Anne’s Poolside Restaurant where one
could feast on awesome boodle meals,

…and of course, Rolando's Café  that offers
some of the best Filipino and Chinese dishes.


We returned to Rolando once more as we missed
the food and ordered Sinigang na Sugpo. This is
one of our favorite dishes in this restaurant as the
prawns are huge and plump and the soup was so
delicious and just had the right degree of sourness,


We loved the hale Fresh Lumpia as the veggies
appeared garden-fresh and were crisp and crunchy,
like they have just been plucked from the garden.

The Tortang Talong was just
as fresh and just as delicious.

We never fail to order Sweet and Sour Fish
whenever we dine here as we are always
craving for this yummy Rolando’s version of
this deliciously sweet and tangy Chinese dish.


Rolando's Cafe is one restaurant where we could 
actually  leave with  totally clean plates as the food 
is so good and we would end eating everything up.  


 Villa Caceres Hotel is the place to dine for
the best gastronomic choices in the city.

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