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Marison Hotel: The Very Best in Legazpi

Marison Hotel 
The Very Best in Legazpi 

We booked two of the largest room
at the brand new Marisoon Hotel,

…the first one, a Premier Queen Suite for my
daughter and her best friend who are taking the
Medical Technology Board Exam in Legazpi,

…and humongous The Marison Suite 


...for me, my wife and my son.



Premier Queen Suite

The Premier Queen Suite that we booked
  for our daughter
 and her  friend for five days and four nights was apparently 
the second biggest suite room in Marison Hotel..


There was a  closet at the entrance,


…and it is also where the mini bar is located.


It had a portal that leads to the toilet and shower room,



…and the lavatory that also
serves as a vanity area.

It was weird as this is the very first hotel room
we saw with the toilet serving as the entryway.


It had one queen sized meant  for two persons

It had a small living room area with huge,
comfy sofa that could serve as extra bed,

… a huge flat screen TV,


...and a working/study table.

The room had the view of the Perpetual Help Shrine
which the two young girls construed as a good sign
as they would be taking the Board Exams in few days.


The room had only one land- line phone by the living room-


…and they were satisfied of
the fast and free WiFi internet. 

We booked the girls three days ahead of the board exam,
and they were happy as it was a comfortable, well-
designed suite room where they could study and relax.

The Marison Suite

Located at the centermost part of the hotel, the 

Marison Suite is Marison hotel’s biggest room.


It has a spacious living room with modern contemporary design
 The comfy sofa was huge and  could function as an extra bed,

There was a working/ study table on one corner,


…and a huge flat screen TV,
with superb audio/video systems.

Interestingly, it had a full bar and not
just mini bar, unlike other hotel suites.




The bar had high end coffee maker
and supplied with imported Illy Coffee.


...and a small personal refrigerator.


It had a toilet near the bar which
also served as our vanity area.



The spacious closets was located at the entryway,
away from the bedroom which we found weird-


…as you had to dress up right at the room portal
not near the bathroom or even inside the bedroom.

 It had a huge balcony,


…with a view of the Redemptorist Convent
and the Perpetual Help Shrine across the road.

The Bedroom was rather small with
a basically straightforward design.

With the closet located far away by the living
room doorway there were just two things inside
the bedroom- a comfortable king sized bed, 

…and a large flat screen LCD TV
suspended on the wall by the door.

The bathroom was directly open to the bedroom


...and had abundant supply of toiletries.



There was a bathtub,


…separate shower room which I believe was
 not appropriate for the room's standard,


…and toilet.


Connectivity is not a problem as
it had a free fast Wi Fi internet, 

There were two land- line phones,
the first one in the  working table,

…and another one by the bedside,



They hotel is located way off,


…but is accessible thru a
short drive to the city center.


Marison Hotel has an excellent leisure
 area, with a nice swimming pool,

…and a well equipped gym.




Il Morso

Il Morso is the hotel’s in house restaurant,


…that offers a decent spread of breakfast buffet,

…and delicious ala carte dishes the rest of the day.


Sans Cafe

A lovely coffee shop by the lobby,

…that offers delicious cakes and pastries,


…and awesome Illy coffee.

Boiling Crabs and Shrimp

The best thing that ever happened in Bicol
is having Boiling Crabs and Shrimps,

…right at the ground floor of Marison Hotel,

…where guests could feast on fresh seafood
from this popular restaurant from Davao.


Marison Hotel may still be lacking the kind of
service sophistication expected in a hotel this caliber,


…but otherwise, the staff was courteous,


… the rooms were very spacious and tidy,


…the beds were comfortable,


…the amenities are top of the line,


...and the food was excellent.

This is definitely the best hotel in Legazpi.

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