Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Healing Bread Series 2: Hale, Hearty and Tasty Veggie Meals

The Healing Bread Series 2 
Hale, Hearty and Tasty Veggie Meals 

The Healing Bread at Montana Arcade  
right across my clinic in Plaza Medica, 


…and being a next door neighbor
I am fortunate for having an access
to hale, hearty yet very tasty meals.


…that used natural ingredients,
no preservatives and no additives.

I have featured their Hale, Hearty and Tasty snacks in 
my past blog, I am featuring this time the wide variety 
of Hale, Hearty and Tasty  veggie meals in their menu.

Being healthy has never been so delicious and my 
favorite vegan dish is the Mixed Veggies. Made of a 
variety of fresh veggies like cabbage, cauliflower and corn. 
They were fresh, crunchy and not overcooked. The shitake 
mushroomprovided a texture like a tender beef to the dish.


Ampalaya with Ground Beef is my all- time favorite vegetable dish.
I love that they retained the right degree of the bitterness of the ampalaya.
Unlike most of  the usual Oriental versions that utilizes chunks of beef,
this one used ground lean beef, lowering the calories but retaining the
beefy flavor. Aromatic herbs were used and was awesome substitute to
the brackish oyster sauce Chinese cuisine lowering the sodium content.


Guisadong Munggo is my family’s comfort food and
while we have gotten used to the usual pork flavored
version this one is a healthier, less greasy take of this
popular Pinoy dish. A deliciously thick mung bean stew
richly flavored with various aromatic herbs and spices.

The Organic Korean Kimbap, a seaweed  and organic black 
rice rolled on organic fresh fruits and organic fresh vegetables.  
This is a healthier version of this inertlyhealthy dish for utilizing
 a low glycemic and a high fiber carbohydrate substitute.


Interestingly it was served
with Insulin Plant Salad.


All main dishes if Healing Bread are 
served  with Organic Vegetable Salad. 

Healing Bread is a blessing for making
it possible to have heat, hearty and tasty

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