Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Healing Bread Series 1: Hale, Hearty and Tasty Snacks

The Healing Bread Series 1 
Hale, Hearty and Tasty Snacks

The Healing Bread was once located at the busy
and traffic choked Panganiban Drive, and I have
long wanted to visit but  never had a time to do so.


It was a pleasant surprise when they moved to Montana Arcade   
right in- front of my clinic in Plaza Medica, as it was a realization of 
a long unfulfilled  endocrinologist’s wish of having a nearby restaurant 
that serves healthy dishes not just for me but for my patients as well.


I am fortunate for having an access
to hale, hearty yet very tasty meals.


…that used natural ingredients,
no preservatives and no additives.


While there is a wide variety of
healthy beverages in their menu,


…my personal favorite is a refreshing blend
of  sweetish- tangy Ice Cold Lemongrass.


I also never run out of choices of health snacks like the Veggie Burger,
that would make you ditch the meat as it was just as mouthwatering  
and as juicy as the real thing,  packed with protein and fibre as well.


Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s the ultimate comfort food but
unhealthy as it is topped with saturated fat, grease and oil-
lying is a bed of high glycemic dough that could send blood
glucose and lipids soaring to dangerous levels. This beautiful
and deliciously healthy Vegan Pizza will impress not just the
die hard vegans and the vegetarians but the meat-eater too. 


  The vegan version contains Pili Cheese
so they don’t have to miss out on pizza.


Enjoy a meat-free, delicious, and very healthy 
Vegetarian Quesadilla. Made mostly from fresh
organic ingredients, this yummy treat makes a great
appetizer or even as a quick and healthy full meal.



The Cucumber Sandwich was surprisingly delicious.
The cucumber slices was lying in a bed of grated organic
cheese and delightfully spiced with turmeric Mayonnaise.




Healing Bread’s Focacia Bread is the best of its kind in
this part of the world. The  flatbread made was delightfully
chewy, reeking with the wonderful smell of aromatic herbs.


The Rye Chocolate Porridge is a work of a genius.
it is probably the healthiest ‘champorado’ in the world.
Made of rye, a low glycemic grain, rich, thick organic
chocolate and sweetened with ripe jackfruit, instead
of sugar, that gave the nit just natural fruity sweetness
and a surprisingly delightful cinnamon- like aroma.


One of my favorite snacks was the Organic Misua. 
Another low glycemic index dish as the noodles were
made from whole wheat flour. Made healthier by fiber
rich sponge gourd and spiced with varied aromatic herbs.



Having  Healing Bread as my next door neighbor
assures me of low calorie, low glycemic, fiber rich
meals while being sedentarily working in my clinic. 

Watch out for my Healing Bread Series

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