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Hotel Jen: Shangri- La on a Budget

Hotel Jen 
Shangri- La on a Budget 

While we stayed at the Conrad on our way to China, it was fully booked 
when returned to the Philippines so we stayed at the Hotel Jen, as we 
had a one day lay over in Manila for our flight back to Naga City.


What used be a the Traders Hotel, it is one of our favorite hotels 
and we have stayed here for a countless numerous times in
 the past, raved and praised it in my previous features in this blog.

…and this is the first time we staying here
after it was renamed as Hotel Jen, still owned
and operated by Shangri- La Group of hotels.


We arrived late in the evening, check in was a breeze and
the people at the front desk were courteous and friendly.
The once classic modern lobby of the old Trader's Hotel,

^^^5 years ago

...was converted to something more modern 
contemporary of more lighter and basic colors.

We were starving so we decided to have buffet dinner
 first at the Latitude, before proceeding to our suite.


The restaurant was also renovated from
a more formal dark wood interiors,

^^^5 years ago

…to a modern contemporary design
that complements the lobby. 



The Executive Suite

Since we arrived late, our room was ready and we
proceeded to the 7th floor immediately after dinner.

It was an Executive Suite and this would be our home
in Manila for the next two days to rest for a while, after
our long China vacation before going back to Naga.


We have stayed at this hotel’s Executive Suite
during  it’s Trader’s Hotel days and reviewed it
in this blog in the past (read bout it in this LINK),

I was expecting it to have been renovated, but it  appeared
exactly the way I remember it the last time we stayed here
 more than five years ago, albeit older from the expected
 wear and tear, but otherwise properly maintained.

It was beautiful and spacious living room, executed in natural 
earth tones. There was a comfortable huge sofa which could
 function as an extra bed, which had lost an arm and was dressed 
by brown seat cover  to hide the time related deterioration.

The huge working and study table was still there,


…but gone was the complete office
supplies form the glass topped drawer.

There is a huge flat screen TV,
with superb audio/video systems,


On the room portal is a Minibar,


….that looked exactly the
way it did five years ago,

…with small fully loaded refrigerator,


… but had a high end coffee maker this time.


There was a complimentary
 fruit salad on the minibar.

The bedroom looked exactly the same five years ago and
 was superbly maintained.  Same comfy king size bed,


…and sofa that could serve either
as a day bed or another extra bed.


The bedside vanity are was still there.

Another vanity area that also serves as a
 study was found  at the bedroom entrance.

Just like the living room it also had
a huge wide- screen LCD flat TV
with topnotch audio/video systems.


Nothing changed with toilet and bath.
There was one at by the entrance,
that also serves as a washroom.

…and another huge glass- walled, very
luxurious toilet and bath at the bedroom

… provided with plush amenities,
and signature toiletries.

There was a bath tub and a topnotch shower room.


The walk in closet was massive, where we
could keep our numerous huge suitcases.

Inside, it also had an electronic safe,


…clothes ironing and pressing equipment,
 and other home accessories to make
the guest’s stay more comfortable.

This room had five landline phones-  
the first one at study in the living room,

…the second one at the bedside,      


....the third one at the bedroom study,

 …the fourth one of the living room toilet,

…and the fifith one in the main toilet and bath.

Both the living and the bedrooms have panoramic windows
with the view of Manila Bay and the busy Roxas Boulevard.

We were happy with the very fast
and complimentary Wi Fi connection.

Aside from the coffee maker, the only new thing in
the  room are the throw pillows with words and quotes.


Otherwise everything remained the same.


Guests would never run out of places to visit,
as Hotel Jen is located right in front
of the Cultural Center of the Philippines,

…a block away from Harrison Plaza,
the country’s very first and oldest mall,

…and offers free shuttle to the SM Mall of Asia
considered one of the biggest malls in Asia.


The Hotel Jen had a resort- like swimming pool,

…and a well equipped gym that was
rather old and needing renovation.



Across the hotel is Star City, an indoor theme park. 



The Latitude

The Latitude at the lobby level is Hotel Jen’s main
in- house restaurant where the buffet breakfast is served.

It has a massive spread of  local and
 international dishes on their breakfast, 



...lunch and dinner buffets.


The Club  Lounge 

Our room was at the executive level that had
an exclusive free to the  The Club  Lounge .


The Club  Lounge, offers a more intimate
and personalized breakfast buffet and an awesome
alternative the busier and more crowded Latitude.


In Room Dining

We had an early morning flight schedule
so we ordered an in- room breakfast, as
the breakfast buffet was not open at time yet.


The food was good and the service was excellent.


The Hotel Jen is a beautiful and comfortable hotel.
Owned and managed by Shangri- La Group of Hotels,
it has always been one of our favorite hotels in Manila.

we last stayed in this hotel 5 years ago and
it was still known as the Trader’s Hotel.


The change of name however left me a little disappointed
as I was expecting a major renovation which they did not do.
Aside from the high end coffee maker at the minibar, 


…and the cute ‘pillow quotes’ on the bedroom sofa.

Nothing much have changed in their rooms-
 spacious, luxurious and comfortable, the Shagri- La way.

Still, Hotel Jen is a gorgeous hotel that  offers
5-Star hotel experience, for a three star tariff.

The transformation from Trade’s Hotel to Hotel Jen
was akin to a gracefully aging lady who had put on a
lipstick and claimed of having a total beauty makeover.

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