Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Healing Bread Series 3: Hale, Hearty and Tasty Fish and Meat Meals

The Healing Bread Series 3 
Hale, Hearty and Tasty Fish and Meat Meals 

The Healing Bread at Montana Arcade located
right across Plaza Medica, is an awesome restaurant
for the health buffs and health conscious. They use
natural ingredients, no preservatives and no additives.  


I have featured their healthy snacks and veggie meals
in the first two installments of this three part blog series. 


I am featuring this time the wide variety their
Hale, Hearty and Tasty fish and chicken dishes.



Nobody does sinigang better anywhere in Bicol
than Healthy Bread. Nobody, andI mean it. It s
so good, may it be either a Sinigang na Talkitok


…or Sinigang na Tuna. The broth had just the
right level of sourness and not enough to wrinkle
your face in acerbic disgust. Both tasted naturally
fresh having used a perfect blend of herbs, organic
veggies and various spices as innate souring agents.

They also serve tasty fish steaks
like the whole Talakitok Steak,

…or the Tanguigue Steak, both of which
are delicious, herb spiced and not salty at all.

The Grilled Blue Marlin was grilled to juicy perfection,
and it tasted great. Interestingly did not smell fishy at all
as it was reeking with the wonderful aroma of various herbs. 



The Free Range Native Chicken Curry is a great curry dish!
It was spiced with herbs making the flavor more intense.
The a huge piece of free range native chicken thigh and legs
was very tender. One of the best curries I've ever tasted. I love it.

The Chicken Crepe was divine.  The tender crepe
was  filled a creamy mixture of  chicken chunks,
it had a mild cheesy aftertaste and aromatic herbs.

It was a delicious and elegant meal. served with
Macaroni Fruit Salad. The al dente macaroni
was blended in what appears to be a turmeric
mayo, and sweetened by bits and pieces of ripe
jackfruit and generously topped with papayas.

It came with a refreshing
Blue Ternate Shake.


A typical Italian spaghetti gets its seasoning from
the sweet and spicy sausages, but Healing Bread’s
Italian Spaghetti Quesadilla is a meat free version.


Sandwiched in a perfectly baked quesadilla
This delicious  spaghetti is light on the sauce,
which is how spaghetti is actually served in
Italy- flavored with healthy herbs and spices.


It was served with Bignay Shake.


Most of the set meals in Healing Bread comes with 
a healthy Vegetarian Salad. and Black or Red Rice

With the wide array of healthy yet delicious dishes in
  Healing Bread, eating healthy has never been this fun.

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