Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Belly B’s at M Plaza: B for Best Bagnet in Bicol

Belly B’s at M Plaza 
B for Best Bagnet in Bicol 

It was already past 9 PM, tired and hungry-
we were looking for a place to dine, when
we chanced upon Belly B’s at Roxas Avenue. 


We were pleasantly surprised to find out that there was
a huge conglomeration of restaurants at the unassuming 
M Plaza and it was bursting to the seams with diners.


We were starving and it was a blessing that 
Belly B’s service was fast and efficient.


The Buffalo Wings was very delicious.
It had a delightful buttery- tangy aftertaste,
spiced with just the right degree of hotness
of cayenne pepper based Buffalo-style sauce


The Bistek Bulalo was served in a hotplate. 
Made from deboned beef shanks and there
was an abundance of tasty bone marrow and
articular cartilage that has turned into a tasty
melt in the mouth collagen as a result of being
patiently simmered for a long period of time. 


We enjoyed the Bulanglang Bagnet where
the bagoong flavored stir fried fresh veggies
was topped the a generous amount of Bagnet. 


Bagnet was irresistibly delicious.
The pork belly was pre- chopped
was tender and very, very juicy.


It was topped with the skin the was deep
fried to crispy perfection and left intact.



Served with three types of sauces but one would
not really need them as it was already very tasty.
This dish is to die for, literally and figuratively
and probably the best bagnet version in the city.
A must try dish for anyone dining in this restaurant.


We were dead curious what the letter B stands for in Belly B‘s,
yet we  forgot to ask the restaurant staff about it. Interestingly,
everything we ordered all began with B: Buffalo Wings, Bistek 
Bulalo, Bulanglang Bagnet and  Bagnet. It was coincidental. 


Belly B’s is more of a restobar and I would not recommend
this restaurant to families with young children as it is full
of  boisterous alcohol guzzling clients and accompanied by
fake blond haired ladies with dreadful heavily painted faces.

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