Saturday, September 1, 2018

Tunglok Tea House: Singapore

Tunglok Tea House
Changi Airport, Singapore 

Changi Airport in Singapore has been rated as one
of the best airports in the world and with its varied
unique attractions, it is a tourist destination on its own.

We needed a light meal while on a stopover Singapore on  our
 way back to Manila, and we chanced upon Tunglok Tea House.  


Tunglok Teahouse in Changi airport makes you
experience the past era of Singapore because of the
warm old Chinese ins[ired interiors, period posters,
fixtures, lighting and the Peranakan-styled furniture.

The menu offers a wide range of traditional Chinese
favorites including delightful migrant Teochew dishes.

Since we came for a light meal, we decided
to try their wide  range of ‘made on the spot,
steamed  to order’ piping  hot Dim Sum dishes.


The Steamed Pork Dumpling or ‘Siew Mai’
was tasty, moist and juicy. The texture was
perfectly chewy and it bursts with the blend
of sweetish- savory flavour in your mouth.

The Fried Prawn Dumplings with Mayonnaise.
Served piping hot, with a thin, crisp perfectly
fried outer skin that  shatters with crunchy gust,
and a very light and clean-tasting prawn filling.
It so good that we decided to order another one.

The Steamed Shrimp ‘Har Gao’ Dumpling was a
work perfection. The translucent, thin skin was sturdy
and did not to break when picked up with chopsticks.   
It also did not stick to the paper lining the basket and
other ‘ha gows’. The shrimp was very fresh, it was not
overcooked and was exquisitely delicious and addicting.

The Dimsums were so good and served as awesome
appetizers that made us crave for more, so we decided
to order have a full dinner to sate our fired up appetites.
We ordered a Fried Pork Belly served in a clay pot with
assorted fresh vegetables and truffles. It was sooo good.


The Stir fried Flat Noodles and Beef and Bean Sprouts 
was very delicious and filling. It finally sated our cravings
brought about by the appetite intensifying dimsum dishes 


TungLok Teahouse is an excellent restaurant that tourists
should take advantage while in transit at the Changi Airport, it made Chinese cuisine with a Teochew traditional twist
globally palatable while retaining  authentic flavors and taste.

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