Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yellow Cab, 3 PM Breakfast

Yellow Cab
3 PM Breakfast

It was a rainy Sunday, we all woke up late
and had a light 11 am snacks at home...

It was still raining when we left the house…
past 2 PM and everyone was hungry
for our first real major meal for the day…

We arrived at
Yellow Cab at 3 PM.

Their new breakfast fares
are available all day…

…and we ordered one each
of Salami, Hungarian and Bacon

My son wanted to eat rice
so I had Bistek Pinoy rice toppings
delivered from Biggs nearby…

It was cold a rainy afternoon.
and a piping hot coffee from Starbucks …

...just beside the restaurant
was perfect for the weather…

Yellow Cab is a haven
for Pizza and Pasta…

The Tomato Soup sourness
is enough to perk you up on a cold day…

The goodness of real tomato
dominates the spaghetti
the way it was supposed to taste…

The Potato wedges
was soft, velvety and tasty…

Mushroom and Pepperoni Pizza
was the best in town…

The breakfast fares
are good enough to be taken
anytime of the day and

Egg and Hungarian Sausage

Ham and Egg..

…fortunately, available all day…

both filling and handy to eat
and they all taste great…

No one ate dinner after we went home
as every one was so full

No one craved for anything anymore…

The Yellow Cab breakfast at 3 PM
was the only meal we needed for the day.

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