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Porta Romana Apartment: Modern and Spacious Apartment (Sophisticated Milan Series 2)

Porta Romana Apartment
Modern and Spacious Apartment
Sophisticated Milan Series 2

We arrived late in the afternoon at
the Milano Centrale after an almost
six hours scenic train ride from Lyon.

We took a taxi to Porta Romana Apartment,

...set in a well preserved Renaissance building,
right at Porta Romana District the center of Milan.

This would be our home for the next five days, at the
third stop of our annual European spring vacation.


Porta Romana Apartment is a self service apartment
set on beautifully renovated 17th-century building,
just few steps away from Porta Romana Arc.

Upon entry,  were awed by
the massive building portal,

…ancient arched vaulted ceilings,

… the grand stairway.

We were on the fifth floor- 

...and our apartment can also be 
accessed by two antique elevators.

Ours was a two bedroom apartment with
a wide portal that leads to a long hallway-

…where the kitchen,

…the two dining rooms,

…living room,


…utility room,

… and the two sleeping chambers on the rear end.

Near the entryway was a spacious utility room,that 
also serves as a stockroom,laundry area as it had a 
washer and dryer and had a spare toilet and bath.

Next door was a huge- well equipped neo- classical 
designed kitchen, that had everything we needed.

A modern stove,

… a huge microwave oven,

…a large refrigerator,

Source: Air BNB

…a dish drier,

…a complete set of dining,

…and cooking utensils.

It also had an informal dining area im the kitchen.

On the other side of the hallway is a vivacious 
bright red,  formal modern  dining room. perfect 
for small  parties and formal family dinner.

The  also has  a beautiful modern
 and very spacious living room.

Source: Air BNB

It had a huge comfy sofa- bed, and could be
converted to a queen sized for extra guests.

There is another lounge sofa that could
also be converted to another bed.

There  a flat screen TV in the living room.

Every  side of the apartment had a balcony-

Source: Air BNB

Source: Air BNB

...with the view of the neighboring  buildings.

The two bedrooms are located
 at the rear end of the hallway.

Source: Air BNB

Source: Air BNB

First is the large main bedroom that had a
large and very comfortable king sized bed.

It was very spacious and was very beautiful,

It has a walk in closet, so huge that
could be used as another bedroom.

Source: Air BNB

The smaller second room had two single beds,

The apartment had two toilets,
and the  one near the bedrooms
was very beautiful and luxurious.

Source: Air BNB

It has twin water closets,

…an awesome bathtub that
also serves as the shower area.

It was provided with plush amenities,
and sufficient toiletries.

There is another smaller toilet at the utility area,
with a nice shower room and sufficient toiletries.

Source: Air BNB

I cannot remember if there were land line phones
in the apartment, but we were very happy with the
very fast and complimentary Wi Fi connection.


Porta Romana Apartment is located
right at the city center of Milan,

…few steps away from a taxi booth
and the Porta Romana subway station,

..making the apartment accessible to
most of the main tourist attractions.


Porta Romana Apartment, is an apartment
set in an ancient well preserved Renaissance 
building so guests should not expect swimming
pool or a gym and other leisure facilities.

Source: Air BNB

But the awesome apartment and its perfect
location compensates for this minor deficiency.


Porta Romana Apartment being an apartment
does not have an in house restaurant, but being
located in the city center, it is just few steps away
from number of awesome neighborhood restaurants,

….offering varied local, and international cuisine.

It is also located near
Express Supermarket-

…and since the apartment
has well equipped kitchen,

….feasting on home- cooked local
dishes is easy and very convenient.


Porta Romana Apartment, is a very spacious
beautiful, and well- equipped yet, very  affordable
apartment for those traveling on a budget in Milan.

It is located right at the heart of the city,
just few steps from the subway and taxi stand

Source: Air BNB

…making the apartment accessible
all the popular attractions on the city.

The apartment was spacious and had 
everything  we need to feel  at home. 

Our host Pablo, was very friendly, accommodating

We tremendously enjoyed Milan
because we had a beautiful apartment
to come home to at the end of the day.

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