Saturday, March 23, 2019

Angels in our Midst: Kindhearted Samaritan in Shanghai (Getting High in Shanghai Series 15 )

Angels in our Midst
Kindhearted Samaritan in Shanghai 
Getting High in Shanghai Series 15        

Shanghai despite its modernity is still
unexpectedly, a cash-based economy.

While we did not have any trouble using our debit and 
credit cards in our hotel, they are however not accepted in
 most shops, supermarkets and local restaurants in the city.

We use our debt card in majority of our expenses and was too late
 when we realized China’s overall aversion and negativity on credit 
and debit cards. Foreign exchange counter are also rare in China
and one had to go to a bank to change money for a local currency.

We were running out of Yuan when we dined in this restaurant,
we inquired at the cashier if they accept card payments. We even
showed our cards to avoid misunderstanding and the answer was yes.

We had a wonderful dinner. The food was delicious and the service
was good, but when we asked for our bill and paid with our debit card,
the waiter rejected it. We offered him other credit cards from MasterCard, 
Visa, Diners, Amex, JCB as we posses almost every card in the planet.

We panicked since we didn’t have enough Yuan.
We offered to pay in dollars but they did not accept
foreign currency. It was during this commotion
that an American and her lady Asian companion
dining next to us came over and saved our day.

He paid our bill in Yuan, we gave him a hundred dollar bill
and gave us a change in Yuan. Our savior came from out of
the blue, as heroes often do. We were thankful as we never
realized that we had an angel our midst, watching us.

PS: We asked for his name and e- mail so we could thank him, wrote it in a small piece of paper but eventually lost it.

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