Saturday, February 9, 2019

Kerry Pudong: Upscale Lifestyle Center (Getting High in Shanghai Series 3)

Kerry Pudong 
Upscale Lifestyle Center
Getting High in Shanghai Series 3          

I came to Kerry Hotel to register in a medical convention
but to my disappointment that they are only accepting cash
transactions. No credit and debit cards are being accepted.

I didn’t see this coming. While we did not have any problem
using our credit card in  Oakwood, everything else, from the
mall restaurants and the supermarket did not accept foreign
credit and debit cards except for an obscure China based card.


Since we are traveling as a family and would be
staying in China for 2 weeks we wanted to save
our cash on hand. I tried to withdraw from several
ATM nearby but my card just kept on being ejected.


We realized it too late that China is still largely a cash-based economy.
Chinese I believe are typically averse to debt and this maybe the reason
for overall air of negativity regarding the use of credit and debit cards.

I decided to pay on cash and decided to dine and shop
only in  international branded stores and restaurants to
save our precious cash for our incidental expenses.


The Kerry Parkside Mall is an upscale mall
and a part of the Kerry Hotel Pudong complex.


It has a nice selection of western shops 


…and traditional Chinese restaurants. 


It was already almost noon tine when I completed my registration
and we dined at Shanghai Dimsum at the Kerry Parkside Mall.


Luckily, they accepted our credit card.

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