Monday, October 29, 2018

The Level Lounge: Yangon’s Bird’s Eyeview at the Top of Melia (Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 9)

The Level Lounge 
Yangon’s Bird’s Eyeview at the Top of Melia
Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 9 

Our room in Melia Hotel Yangon being a Level Room,
came with an access at the exclusive The Level Lounge.


The Level Lounge is a private lounge
for The Level guests on the 24th floor,

…considered as the Executive Floor of the hotel.

Located at the top most floor,
it offers spectacular city views-



...from the scenic Inya Lake,


…to the  Shwedagon Pagoda,


… that glitters to a golden splendor at night.


It is also the best place to view
the spectacular Yangon sunset.


It offers exquisite private breakfast, 


...afternoon tea, 


…and free drinks during cocktail hours.

Level room guests can also use
the Level Lounge’s meeting room,



…and this was great as we traveled with our
medical resident  who would be presenting
a research paper for a medical convention.



We got to use it several times to practice
for her coming oral presentation for free-

...which helped her to have a superb  
orals during her final presentation

The Level Lounge is a beautiful lounge and a
restaurant in one , that provides Melia Level guests,

…with a place of peace and quiet,
and free meals and snacks all day.

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