Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Melia Hotel Yangon: Laid-back Lakeside Luxury (Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 1)

Melia Hotel Yangon
 Laid-back Lakeside Luxury
Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 1

We arrived late in the afternoon in Yangon, Mayanmar
after a four short flights. Fourty- five minutes from Naga
City to Manila, about a three hour flight from Manila to
Singapore and about another three hour flight  to Yangon,


…and took a shuttle to Melia Hotel.

Melia Hotel had a spacious,
contemporary designed lobby,

Check in was a breeze,


…the people at the front desk were friendly,


..and we were immediately on our
way to our room at the 20th floor.


This would be our home in Yangon for the next five days, 

...and with a beautiful hotel to stay, things are  looking good
for our first time adventure in this warm ASEAN country.


Our suite, Premium Lake View Room was 
beautiful and surprisingly very  spacious.  


It had two nice and  comfy  twin beds, 
 enough for a family of four to fit in.

It had a nice seating area that
serves as a mini living room-

…beside a massive panoramic window
with a stunning view of Inya Lake.

There is a working and reading desk
desk with an  comfy executive chair,

…that had adequate office supplies,


…and had a welcome dessert sampler
made of indigenous candies nuts,




…and a jar of assorted cookies.


The room had a well-stocked minibar, 



…in-room tea and coffee making facilities,


…and a refrigerator.


It had a large and spacious closet, 


 with electronic safeshoe care kit, 
 and  clothes pressing equipment inside.

It had a beautiful see- thru glass walled luxurious toilet,

…an awesome shower area,

…and a gorgeous bathtub. 


It was provided with plush amenities,

…and top of the line signature toiletries.

A huge room had only two landline 
phones- one at the bedside 


...and another one in the toilet.

We were very happy with the very fast
and complimentary Wi Fi connection.


Melia Hotel is located right across Lake Inya,

…and  walking distance to the Aung San Suu Kyi’shouse,


… which could be seen from my hotel room’s window.

It also connected to Myanmar Plaza, one
of  Yangon’s biggest and most modern mall.



Melia Hotel has a fabulous resort like swimming pool.

…overlooking the scenic Inya Lake.


It also has a modern and well equipped gym.




The Market

The Market is probably on of the best buffet
restaurants that we have stayed in the past.


They had an massive spread of 
local and international dishes,


… in their buffet from sun up, sun down.


It is a beautiful restaurant, located 
at the second floor of the hotel.


The Level Lounge

Our room was at the executive level and came
with a free access to the Level Lounge.


Located at the 24th floor and the top of the Melia Hotel,


  ....it offers not just an awesome view of Yangon,


...but also a more exclusive breakfast buffet,


...away from the chaos of the Market, 
 the main breakfast dining area 


In- house Restaurants

 There is also a wide selection
of  upscale  in house restaurants-



… located at the second level of Melia Hotel.


It’s proximity to the Myanmar Plaza Mall
offers as access to more varied dining choices.



Melia Hotel Yangon is an affordable hotel
for families traveling on a budget in Yangon. 


It is located right across the scenic Inya Lake.

It has a beautiful, chic, well- designed
spacious and comfortable suite rooms,


…and offers an awesome spread at the whole day buffet.

It has 5 star amenities.

…and excellent service,

...but with a luxurious laid back charm.

Five star room and service at three star price.

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