Saturday, October 20, 2018

Kandagwe Lake: The Great Royal Lake, (Yangon ASEAN’s Jewel Series 6)

Kandagwe Lake 
The Great Royal Lake,
Yangon ASEAN’s Jewel Series 6 

Kandagwye Lake of Mandalay formerly known as
the Tet Thay In was a natural pond  of used water
sewage of the native people in the olden times.


This time it is a vast lakeside 
complex with  a nature park,


…has a boardwalk,


… picnic and seating areas.


The main attraction of this lake is
the Pyi Gyi Mon Royal Barge,

…a gilded wooden 'royal barge' moored on the shore.           

The Pyi Gyi Mon Royal Barge carries the royalties
in the olden days whenever they tour the kingdom-


…and also the royalceremonial vessel in
celebrating the Annual waterway Parade. 


Also referred as the Great Royal Lake,


 …the Kandagwe Lake is a beautiful serene lake,
 surrounded by a beautiful, clean verdant lakeshore,

…numerous restaurants ,




…and offers an amazing view of the cityscape,


…and of the breathtaking Shwedagon Pagoda.

A must visit to every tourist in Yangon.

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