Saturday, May 11, 2019

Coffee Project’s Tortilla Pizza

Coffee Project’s Tortilla Pizza

 Coffee Project is fast becoming my family’s coffee shop as it 
is not only beautiful restaurant with awesome coffee choices, 


 it also offers a wide array of dishes, from breads and 
pastries, pasta, various rice meals and global cuisine.

Lately, have discovered some of the best tasting pizzas
in town- the Coffee Project’s Tortilla Pizza. It comes in
three different flavors: Pepperoni, Godfather and Cheese.


The good ol' Pepperoni Pizza has always been my all time
favorite so it was the very first flavor that I ordered. The
tortilla crust made a perfect, crunchy thin crust for a pizza
topped generously with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. 


We also enjoyed the Godfather Pizza. Topped with tomatoes,
olives, onions, strips of green pepper and of course generous
amount of pepperoni. With all the delightful toppings placed to
the very edge of the crust. It was gloriously delicious and addicting.


And of course, the Cheese Pizza was pure cheesy bliss.

The pizza gives us reason to return to Coffee Project as their 
crunchy. thin crust  Tortilla Pizza is my family’s new addiction.

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