Saturday, December 30, 2017

Bob Marlin: Jamming at Robinsons’ Place Naga

Bob Marlin 
Jamming at Robinsons’ Place Naga 

Bob Marlin is probably the most popular restaurant
in Naga City and we have long wanted to dine here
but the horrendous traffic and lack of parking in the
busy Magsaysay Avenue prevented us from doing so.

We were happy when they finally opened a branch
in Robinsons’ Place Naga where parking is aplenty.
Located at the al fresco section of the mall and the 
indoor dining hall was full packed during our visit.


… so we dined at the outdoor dining area.
It was alright as it was a perfect place to
view the Tree of Life’s digitally mapped show.


We ordered Chop Suey, but it was not available
and the Bulanglang with Bagnet was an awesome
substitute. The veggies were not overcooked and
still crunchy, topped with a perfectly fried Bagnet.

Sisig  has many variations with recipes varying from place to place,
restaurant to restaurant, family to family, and even in the Pampanga
where the dish originated. Bob Marlin’s delicious version of this
popular dish is called Ziggy’s Sisig Original. The chewy bits and
pieces of chopped parts from pig’s face was seasoned with kalamansi
and spiced with signature Bicolano siling labuyo would surely win the
hearts and taste buds not only of Bicolanos, but non- Bicolanos as well.


The Malasugui Steak was pan seared to a
juicy and tender perfection. Served sizzling
in a hot plate, bathed in sweetish and slightly
briny sauce and topped with fresh onion rings.
It was delicious yet a very healthy dish as well.


This iconic Bicolano dish that has two versions.
First is the Albay Pinangat made of layered taro
                    leaves with no filling, simmered in coconut milk,                     
this Bob Marlin Pinangat is a CamSur version.


Chopped young coconut meat, crablets, siling labuyo
are wrapped with several layers of taro leaves a tied
up with lemongrass and simmered in coconut milk.
This is a must eat, must try dish for anyone dining here.


Bob Marlin’s OMG Crispy Pata has been recognized
in a nationwide search as one of the best crispy pata
versions in the country. It is very crunchy on the outside,
the flesh is tender, and a gooey umami bomb that blows
up with a flavorful explosion in your mouth, Indeed there
there is only one to describe this tasty crsipy pata- OMG.

With the awesome Tree Of Life digital show and a nightly
accoustic band performing at the alfresco section of the mall-
the jamming never stops at Bob Marlin in Robinsons Place.

A sweet escape from the chaos of Magsaysay Avenue.

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