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Bob Marlin: The Best in Naga, The Best of Bicol

Bob Marlin 
The Best in Naga, The Best of Bicol 

I may be very critical when it comes to Filipino dishes
as we tend too overdo everything whenever we cook.
This results to most typical Pinoy dishes that are either
too salty, too sweet, too greasy and even too overcooked.
This makes most of our dishes look gross and unpalatable.

Source: Heart Attack in a Platter

I grew up in a typical Filipino household serving home- cooked
Pinoy meals and enjoying every bit of it, but as I got older and
got exposed to various world cuisine, it was then I realized that
our food was below par in taste, in quality and very unhealthy.

I would not recommend eating Filipino food everyday as it is
a deadly Metabolic Syndrome in plate which generally very bad
for one’s health and could make one fat, hypertensive and diabetic.

But it’s a different story when one wanted to splurge, or
pig out without limits and to have an all out celebration-
this is where the heavy calorie- laden Pinoy food comes in.

During my daughter’s high school graduation, we wanted to celebrate
the occasion  with our employees and some Naga based relatives.

Since it was a regular working day for them, we knew that they are
all starving and we need to binge on good old Pinoy dishes for dinner.

The only restaurant that came to our mind was Bob Marlin,
as it is an extremely popular and iconic restaurant in Naga City.

Bob Marlin is the restaurant of choice for most Naguenos
when they want to show off the best of Bicolano cuisine,
and also a good restaurant of choice for big celebrations.

Aside from serving delicious and authentic Filipino dishes,
they also have the a wide choice on their menu good for big
groups in huge servings at affordable and budget friendly price.

The OMG Crispy Pata is one thing that should
not be missed for anyone dining in Bob Marlin.

This tremendously popular Bob Marlin specialty
dish was voted few years ago in a nationwide search
as one the best Crispy Pata  in the Philippines.

With a perfectly fried and deliciously crunchy skin,

…a tasty and gooey subcutaneous fat that sticks in your palate 
for a long- lingering scrumptious aftertaste sensation,
and  very tender melt in the mouth perfectly cooked flesh.

It is served with the usual soy sauce dip, but no one really
needs it, as the OMG Crispy Pata is already delicious even
without it, and there is no need to add  extra salt anymore.

Indeed the OMG Crispy Pata deserves thins name as it is
sinfully delicious and OMG is the only description that one
could blurt out after tasting of this exceedingly delectable dish.

Pinangat is another dish that one should
not miss when dining in Bob Marlin.

This is the CamSur version where the gabi leaves had
crushed young crab meat mixed with chopped young
coconut meat filling, simmered in coconut milk, as
compared to the Camalig, Albay version that is made
of layers and layers of gabi leaves devoid of the filling.

I personally found the Sinigang na Salmon too sour for comfort.
I have always liked the kind of  sinigang that would not make me
wrinkle my face a acerbic revulsion whenever I eat it. This one did.

But our guests loved is as they wanted
theirs the ‘asim- kilig type of sinigang.

We had several panners of plain rice with generous servings
of pork barbecue, grilled pusit, grilled clams and salted eggs.
Everything tasted really well except for the disgusting eggs as
it was too unpalatably salty. But wonder of wonders, our guests
loved the salted eggs very much and gobbled them up with gusto.

We also ordered several panners of Adobo Rice
served with Lumpia Shanghai, Pork Chop and
Laing, all of which tasted really very delicious.

I still personally disliked the Adobo Rice as I found it
salty, but most of our guests, for some bizarre reasons
beyond comprehension preferred it than the plain rice.

Bob Marlin is already an institution in Naga City
and synonymous to good, native Bicolano food,

…and hosted some of the most popular celebrities with
 their hand-  written personal testimonials on white 
porcelain  plates proudly displayed on the wall.

When hosting a pack of guests craving
 for good, old, Bicolano cuisine, 

...nothing can go wrong at Bob Marlin. 

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