Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Casa Soriano: Enduring Heirloom Cuisine, Homey Ambiance

Casa Soriano 
Enduring Heirloom Cuisine, Homey Ambiance 

Dining in Casa Soriano gives you a feeling
of visiting an ancestral house of a bygone era,

..as the beautiful restaurant is decked with decors
from the Colonial- Filipino period giving it a homey
ambiance, making  the diners feel at home when dining.

It also had a beautifully landscaped garden
where guests could dine outdoor- alfresco.

We started our dinner with Fisherman’s Catch for appetizer.
I believe this is one of the must try dishes by anyone dining in
Casa Soriano. Delicious calamari, tasty breaded fried fish and
probably the freshest and best pasting potato chips in the world.
Just for the chips alone, I could dine in this restaurant forever.

The Tanigue sa Miso was very delicious
and an excellent  way to perk up the dinner.

We found, Pan- Seared Salmon delicious, though a little bit
salty when we ordered it in the past, so we ordered it again
this time and instructed the waiter not to put any salt on it.
They served a yummy sweetish fresh unsalted salmon that
appeared perfectly pan seared, but we were disappointed
when we found out that the fish core was raw like a sashimi.

Their Porchetta is a deliciously crispy boneless pork loin.

I’m not just sure if it was baked or fried but whatever they
did with it- is was sinfully crunchy on the outside and very
tender an juicy on the inside. It tasted really good and was
bursting with the wonderful flavors of herbs spices that you
wouldn’t need the soy sauce and lemon dip served with it.

Pinoy Ratatouile is a delicious French- Pinoy fusion dish
where the very European tomato based dish was fused with
fresh native Filipino vegetables and it tasted really good.

We concluded our dinner with the kids
enjoying Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert.

While I had Buko Almond salad which,
I liked while everyone else in my family
detested the sharp pungent  aftertaste.

While my wife had a Mango Crepe which she
tremendously enjoyed as it was one of the most
delicious and divine tasting deserts we ever had.

Casa Soriano in my opinion is one of Naga’s culinary
treasures and a must visit for anyone visiting the city.

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