Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Bejeweled Yangon: Shining. Simmering Splendid (Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 11)

Bejeweled Yangon
Shining, Shimmering,  Splendid
Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 11

Myanmar is the biggest producer of jade and rubies in the world,


ironically  the biggest markets for those precious stones is not in Myanmar  
 but rather in neighboring countries, including Thailand, China and India.
This is according to, U Maung Sein of Noble Land Company Ltd. (LINK)

To gain a deeper insight into gem and jewelry 
in Yangon then visit the Bogyoke Market,

… and explore the local jewelry shops ,

… and shop  in  unique gem stalls-


…selling gems that Myanmar is known for,  

…from high quality Rubies,




…Burmese Spinel Gems,


…and of course, Burmese Jade.

Myanmar apparently produces tens of thousands
of tons and carats of precious stones every year,

…so it is understandable  that this is best place to
buy precious stones at literally rock bottom prices.

Jewelry shopping is an essential part of Myanmar Tourism.

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