Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Seafood Galore @ Paluto: The Best Seafood Restaurant in Naga City

Seafood Galore @ Paluto 
The Best Seafood Restaurant in Naga City 

We terribly missed Daddy’s Grill when it closed down
which my family always considered it as the best seafood
 restaurant in Naga as wet market like display of a wide
variety of fresh seafood and cooked right before your eyes. 

Choobi Choobi in Robinsons Place Naga was an awesome
alternative as it also serves a wide variety of seafood dishes
but ordering ala carte from a menu could become boring.


When Paluto opened this year at the All Day Supermarket 
in Vista Mall Naga, it instantly became a family favorite. 

It was so much like Daddy’s Grill in a more chic and upscale, 


... yet eclectic market setting.  

Both follows  a  concept inspired by a common Pinoy  
 practice at  local wet markets where you have you bought,


…cooked right before your very eyes,

… and served hot and steaming
directly to your dining plate-



...to enjoy them fresh.



People behind the seafood counter, where there
is a wide array of fresh  and even live seafood,

…and the sleek and accommodating butchers
behind the meat section where a wide selection
of both local and imported meats are found,

…are ready to serve you with whatever
you need to be cooked in the Paluto section.

Choice of dishes are not limited by the menu,


 …and you can have what you bought cooked,

... any way you want them to be.

Dining has never been this fun, 


...fresh and delicious. 

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