Saturday, August 19, 2017

Oyster Villa: Old Town Chinese Restaurant

Oyster Villa at Regent Hotel
Old Town Chinese Restaurant

We have long wanted to dine at Oyster Villa, but
we never had any luck finding a parking space as it
is located is Naga City’s old congested city center.

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So during one of our routine dine- out with our employees,
we requested an advanced reservation for a parking space,
and we were happy to be back after a very, very long time.



We started our dinner with a Shark Fin Soup,
and it tasted pretty good. There was an abundant
gelatinous bits of pieces of what was supposed to
be shark’s fin that made the soup thick and chewy.

Pineapple Chicken is a fruity sweet and sour variant of
Orange Chicken, our all time family favorite dish. It may
not have the delightful tangy zest of the latter, as it tasted
more sour than sweet, but it is still a delicious alternative.


The Chop Suey was a bit overcooked but still tasted well.
Still, I prefer  want my veggies crunchy rather than soggy.


The same thing is true with the Beef Ampalaya.
It was very delicious, the beef was tender, but the
bitter melon was soggy as it was also overcooked.


The Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu was addicting.
It was fried to crispy perfection and bathed in a
pleasant sweet and sour sauce and topped with
generous various fresh and crunchy vegetables.


Pancit Canton is an all time Filipino favorite noodle dish-
Dining in a Chinese restaurant is never complete without it.
This is probably Oyster Villa’s most popular that made this
restaurant famous and kept generations of Naguenos coming
back to savor the classic noodle dish of their childhood.


Oyster Villa’s Chao Fan Rice just had enough garnishing
that does not overwhelm the whole dish. The flavor was only
enhanced and still be well with other dishes like a plain rice.

Oyster Villa is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants
in the city and the secret of its longevity is its excellent
reputation of serving delicious authentic Chinese dishes.

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