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Belmont Hotel Manila: Beautiful Cramped, Tiny Rooms

Belmont Hotel, Manila 
Beautiful Cramped, Tiny Rooms

We booked at Belmont Hotel when we traveled
to Europe during a long layover in Manila this year,


…and stayed once more when we returned
to Manila on our way back to Naga City.


On our first stay, we arrived from an early morning flight
from Naga City. We only booked a single standard room
as we would not be staying overnight and we didn’t want
to get trapped for hours at NAIA, the world’s worst airport.

We just wanted a room to laze and rest while waiting for
our  early evening KLM flight to Amsterdam at NAIA 3.

When we returned almost a month later, we arrived on an
early evening flight from Madrid, so we needed a bigger
space so we booked  an interconnected room as we would
be staying overnight for our flight to Naga  the next day.


NAIA 3 is located just across the hotel and it is connected
by an air- conditioned overpass called Runway Manila that
would take hotel guests directly inside the airport terminal.

During our first stay before leaving the Philippines,
and during our return from Europe, we observed that
the people at the front desk were courteous and helpful,

…the check in was a breeze,


…and we were in our room in a jiffy. 


Superior Twin

The Superior Twin Room had a lovely
modern contemporary design. It was
very beautiful that got us initially excited,

…but after we settled in, we realized that the room was too
small, that our three large suitcases could not fit in lying flat
on the free  space between the foot of the bed and the wall. 


There not enough space if you’re carrying a huge luggage,
that the only place to keep you suitcases is at the doorway.
This is not and ideal set up as it would block the only room
exit way and making it very dangerous during emergencies.

It had two single beds, both of 
which were firm and comfortable.


It had a comfy lounge chair by the window,


.... a well stocked mini bar,   



… a huge flat screen TV,

 ...and a working/study table,  


The room had a floor to ceiling glass windows
a panoramic view of the busy NAIA 3 Terminal, and
of the Runway Manila  entrance right below the hotel..  

There was a small open closet,


...that had an electronic safe,

… provisions like bathrobe, slippers,


…and extra pillows.

The room had a tiny glass- 
walled see thru bathroom ,

…that was also very cramped with no room to move around
and the bathroom door almost touching the toilet bowl.

...and provided with basic toiletries  

The room had only one land line 
phone located on the working table,

…and had a fast and free WiFi  internet.

We did not stay overnight in this terribly tiny and
cramped room but it served as a better alternative
than the more dreadful NAIA passenger’s lounge. 

Interconnected Rooms

We would be staying overnight on our return from Europe
so we  initially requested for a family room but were told
that they have none and they offered interconnected rooms.



The first room was a Superior Twin
that had two small single beds,


…and looked exactly like the one we stayed
few weeks earlier when we were Europe bound.

The second room had queen sized bed,


…and had exactly similar amenities
that I described on the Superior Twin.




Lovely interiors.

…tiny transparent bathrooms,



…and no space for luggage that we decided to dedicate the
entry way on one of the rooms to serve as a storage area.


The room’s grimy panoramic
floor to ceiling windows,


…had a view of  Resorts World Manila. 


Together with Marriot and Remington Hotels
The Belmont is a part of Resorts World Manila,
…and of walking distance to the upscale  Newport Mall,

…so there is really a lot of attractions
and places of entertainment to visit,

…and very close to so some of the
best dining destinations in Manila.  


Belmont has a beautiful and scenic roof top pool. 

 It also had a well equipped gym.  

Café Belmont    

Café Belmont, had a decent
spread of international  dishes,  

…on their dinner buffet.  


It also serves as a venue for the
free massive breakfast buffet.   



Belmont Hotel is a beautiful and
very affordable airport transit hotel,  


…with with well designed
yet cramped and tiny rooms.


Even the two adjoining rooms , not have enough space 
for three huge suitcases to fit in.

For an airport  hotel, it offers extra- amenities that guests
could enjoy like the roof top swimming pool and the gym.

Belmont Hotel’s best feature in the Runway Manila,
an air- conditioned  overpass located on its rear side,

…where guests could just walk their way
to the NAIA Terminal 3 and avoid the
horrible queue at the airport’s arrival gate. 

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