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Choobi Choobi: Robinsons’ Place Naga

Choobi Choobi 
Robinsons’ Place Naga

We tremendously enjoyed Choobi Choobi in their branch
in Ayala MallsLegazpi the very first time we dined there,

 ^^Choobi Choobi Ayala Malls Legazpi

So we were excited when they finally opened
a branch closer home at Robinsons Place Naga.


Located at the Al Fresco dining section of the mall,


..it was full packed,


…the queue was kilometric,


…but we finally got a seat
after about half an hour.


We decided to bring a pack of baby potatoes so it could
be included on the Choobi Bay Crab and Shrimp Boil.


When we dined in Legazpi, they kept on pestering us of
their free unlimited rice. We kept on declining as we didn’t
want to mess our plates with the rice, as it does not go well
with the dish. We asked for potatoes, and they have none.
 Lesson learned- so we brought our own potatoes this time.

  ^^Choobi Choobi Ayala Malls Legazpi

Unfortunately, they ran out of corn, Hungarian sausage
and crabs and all they had were mussels and the sordid
sweet chorizo that tasted  like a disgusting meat candy.

  ^^Choobi Choobi Ayala Malls Legazpi

With our favorite dish out of the list, we ordered 
Salt and Pepper Shrimp with Garlic Overload.
It was an awesome alternative. It was tasty and
crunchy so, addicting that we ate it non- stop, like
were eating ‘chicharon’. Head, tail, skin- all edible.
It served as filling appetizer instead of being a main dish.


The Crispy Baka de Leche appeared overcooked,
looked unappetizing and visually unappealing. But
one should not judge the book by its cover. It the was
a perfectly fried beef, very well done that was crispy
on the outside and very tender and juicy on the inside.


We liked the Bulanglang the first time we tried the
dish in Legazpi so we ordered it again this time.
The veggies were fresh and not overcooked and did
not have the unpleasant aftertaste and repulsive smell
of bagoong. There was just the right amount of the
smelly fish sauce that did not overwhelm the dish.


The Grilled Pampano was indescribably delicious.
A handsome, huge, juicy, perfectly grilled fish, topped
with tomatoes and red onion rings then bathed with light
soya based sauce. This is probably one of the best grilled
fish dishes that we have tasted. I would recommend it as
something not to be  missed when dining in this restaurant.


When they served the Balbacua, it looked like a left over
food filled with slimy innards, bits and pieces fatty pork.
Suspended in a gross- looking fecal colored soup that stains 
the bowl’s edges with a hideous greasy streaks of fat. 
Nobody wanted to touch it and we asked the waitress
how it is eaten and she suggested to eat it with rice.



Fancy that, we needed to eat rice at Choobi Choobi after all.
Their food was so good that most of them could be eaten the way 
they are as you didn't want to adulterate them with anything else.
This same thing could not be done with Balbacua. To make it 
edible, one should hide the grease with lots of rice to absorb
all the oily food until it appears like an ‘Arroz a la Balbacua’
Suprisingly, it was very delicious and left us craving for more. 


Choobi Choobi  both in Robinsons’ Place Naga,
and Ayala Malls Legazpi, are not only the best
seafood restaurants in Bicol but also ttwo of the
best restaurants that offers Pinoy dishes in the region. 

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