Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chicken League’s Ginataang Hito: Temptingly Creamy, Sinfully Delicious

Chicken League’s Ginataang Hito
Temptingly Creamy, Sinfully Delicious 

Describing something to be temptingly creamy,
and sinfully delicious, probably would make one
presume that I am referring to a delicious and
gloriously saccharine  dessert-  but I am not.

Believe it or not- I am talking about a delicious
fish dish that my wife bought from Chicken League,
a restaurant she fortuitously discovered while having
a carwash in front of civic center at Mayon Avenue. 

Aware that catfish is my favorite dish, she bought
Ginataang Hito and brought it to my clinic for lunch.
The restaurant obviously specializes in chicken dishes,
but Chicken League’s Ginataang Hito was a revelation.


The fish was cooked, mixed with various
hale and hearty veggies like string beans,






…and ginger that gave the dish
a delightfully slight tangy flavor.


The hito I believe was pre cooked by grilling,
as I could perceive and pleasant smoky flavor,
and it was pleasantly chewy, yet had a melt
in the mouth consistency. ‘Suaveng- suave’. 


It was bathed with creamy coconut milk that made the
otherwise very healthy dish fat laden and calorie laden- 

…but who cares about the your blood lipids shooting up when
you’re in front of the most delicious catfish dish in the world?
“Tiwi kung tiwi”, my doctor will take care should it happen.

Oh! Come to think of it, this mouth-watering,
sinful dish made me even forget that I am doctor
and I am defying what I redundantly order my patients
what to avoid and what not to eat to remain healthy.

The lemon grass stuffed in the fish belly
revealed my lingering thought of where
that wonderfully aromatic acrid taste was
coming from that comes in every bite.

The Chicken League’s Ginataang Hito was so good,
that I have eaten every piece of vegetable that was in it,
every morsel of tasty fish and every droop of the creamy
‘gata’ until nothing was left but the head and the fishbone.
It left me longing for more and I would have eaten
the fish head and the fishbone if they were edible.


Chicken League’s obviously specializes in chicken
dishes,  and this is only catfish I’m talking about-
 just a side dish menu, not even the specialty offering.


Yet it turned out one the best fish
dishes I have tried in my lifetime.
I can’t wait to try their chicken.

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