Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mikawali's Porto's Cheese Roll: Love At First Bite

Mikawali's Porto's Cheese Roll
Love At First Bite

I cannot remember how many times I have been to California,
but I still recall the very first time I tasted Porto's Cheese Roll
long time ago. A classmate in high school brought me to once
of its store  somewhere in Glendale and it was love at first bite
for this flaky pastry, filled with sweet cream- cheese filling.

Whenever we fly back to Los Angeles
make it a point not to miss this treat.

Luckily, Mikawali started baking the popular
Porto’s Style Cheese Rolls, making the sought
after pastry readily available to Naguenos.

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Just like the original Porto ‘s Cheese Roll,
the Mikawali version was crispy and flaky
on the outside but more buttery and leaves a
delightful aftertaste that lasts until the next bite.

The pastry was perfectly browned-

…and the filling had a pleasant
hint  of melted cheese cream.

I’ve never tasted a cheese roll as delicious as Porto’s
but this local Mikawali’s version was just as delicious.

It was so  addicting and I gobbled half
the box like there was no tomorrow.

This is what I love with Mikawali.
 with so many people unable to travel out
of the country due to the Covid19 pandemic,

…fret no more, we can now enjoy Porto’s Cheese Roll
anytime we crave it,  without the long lines you see at

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