Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Granjeros: A Vegan Feast

A Vegan Feast 

We were on our way to Okuya as everyone
was hungry and craving for Japanese  dishes
but parking at the Piazza was full. We chanced
upon a vacant space right in front of Granjeros-


…and we ended up dining there.


Grajeros is then fisrt  all-natural products store
and  restaurant in Naga City that offers a wide
variety of healthy organic products in their grocery,
and vegetarian and vegan cuisine in their restaurant.


We started our meal with a fresh
Vegetable Salad as an appetizer.


The Langka Ribs was made from unripe jackfruit,
coated with a glutinous gel made to look a layer of fat.
and had  texture and taste exactly just like pork ribs.


But on a closer look the ‘fat” layers is removed
it reveals the jackfruit lobes and fibers inside.

A chameleon is what the Vegan Lechon Kawali is.
It was made from textured vegetable protein made to
look and taste like the real thing. It has everything on
it, from the chewy flesh, al layer of fat and crunchy skin.

The Vegan Adobo also looked and tasted like
a real pork adobo. No one would ever suspect
it was made from textured vegetable protein.


One should never miss the Vegan Kare- Kare.
It looks exactly like the real thing, tastes like the
real thing- but the pork was made from natural
veggies, same TVP used in Vegan Lechon Kawali.


Indeed, healthy meatless dining has
never been this delicious and satisfying.

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