Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dinardo’s: Late Night Dinner in Legazpi.

Late Night Dinner in Legazpi. 

It was late at night as we have already given
up searching for a place to dine as almost all
the restaurants in Legazpi we decided to drive
back to Naga and we stumbled upon Dinardo’s.


Located at the airport road, the eclectically
decorated restaurant shone radiantly in the
dark- a glittering allusion that we would not
be driving starving back home to CamSur.


Dinardo’s serves peri peri dishes
that originated in South Africa-


…known as a chili based sauce
used as a seasoning or marinade.


Surprisingly, the Grilled Blue Marlin which
I expected to be firm a rubbery, almost had
a tender steak-like texture. Marinated in
classic peri- peri stylem bathed in oyter sauce.
it was hale, hearty and very, very delicious.


The same thing is true with the PeriPeri Back Ribs. 
Spicy, very tender, very juicy and the meat falls off
from the bones with a melt in the mouth consistency.


We also enjoyed the Sizzling PeriPeri Sisig.
as the meat was tender and a lightly crisp and
had an aftertaste of diced onions, seasonings,
kalamansi, and of course, bathed with Dinardo’s   
signature  peri- peri chili pepper sauce topping. 


The Mixed Vegetable in Oyster Sauce 
was overcooked but still tasted okay. 


Dinardo’s was a delicious savior from late
night starvation during trip in Legazpi.

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