Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Chef Mama: True Blue Pinoy Pleasure Dining

Chef Mama 
True Blue Pinoy Pleasure Dining

Chef Mama is one restaurant that let us enjoy a true blue 
Pinoy dining pleasure, and it is one of our favorite restaurants 
at the   Robinson’s Place Naga Al Fresco. We dined there 
once again  feasted on some of their must try dishes.

My family has a weakness for salmon belly and
we love Sinigang na Salmon Belly, specially
this delicious Chef Mama version. It had a perfect
sourness not enough to wrinkle you face in disgust.

Chef Mama’s Lechon Kawali has the crispiest rind
and the moistest meat and every bite of this golden
crisp, perfectly deep-fried lechon is pork heaven.

Adobong Kangkong may be a simple vegetable dish
but this on was so delicious. The water cabbage was
oozing with adobo style sauce sprinkled with garlic,

Pinaputok na Tiyan ng Bangus, the deboned milkfish
belly stuffed with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic
and century egg. then grilled wrapped in banana leaf.
A healthy yet tasty way to cook the  creamy bangus belly.

The Fried Leche Flan is abrilliant reinvention
of a popular Pinoy dessert where the custard
was wrapped in a dough and fried to perfection. 



Together with the thick and creamy ginataang Bilo Bilo- 
we had an awesome conclusion to this hearty dinner.

We always look forward of dining Chef Mama,
and this restaurant is one good reason why we
keep on coming back to Robinsons Place Naga.

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