Friday, March 10, 2017

Pizza Hut Group Meal Feast

Pizza Hut Group Meal Feast

Russel, our LabTech, a fresh Med Tech graduate
recently passed the licensure examination and
became a Registered Medical Technologist (RMT), we gathered all our employees after work and
headed to Pizza Hut SM City Naga to celebrate.

Pizza Hut offers delicious affordable group meal delas and we chose 
the one good for 12 persons that came with 12 bowls of soup of your 
choice, either Creamy Mushroom or Cream of Chicken Soup.


It also came with a salad for 12 persons, but they apparently
ran out of lettuce so we were given French fries instead,


…12 pieces of Fried Chicken,


…three huge bowls of Italian Pasta of your
choice also enough to feed twelve persons,




…and of course, two family sized pizza
and we chose Hawaiian Supreme,


…and Italian Delight.


I spotted Seafood Pizza, a new item in
the menu and I was tempted to order one,


…and tasted so good especially
the mozzarella stuffed crust variety.


Some opted to order additional rice,

…but with or without rice, Pizza Hut’s group
meal deal  is deliciously filling and very affordable.


Back to Russel, our new RMT, he actually replaced James, 
a labtech  who worked for us for more than ten years, but
 left  to enroll in a medical school to become a doctor.


Russel intends to doing the same- pursue a medical
course this May. We look forward of seeing not just

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