Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Choco Marshmallow Cake; Homebaked by Farrah

Choco Marshmallow Cake 
Homebaked by Farah 

It was one of those lazy afternoon weekends
that we decided to have our dinner delivered,

…and after having a repulsive and 
extremely salty pizza and pasta dinner,

…needing to be neutralized by a sweet dessert,  the
kids found a half gallon of ice cream in the freezer.


It was only later we realized that is was the cake
that was given to us by Ms. Farah R. Bongat, 
Naga City’s first lady who also owns a home-
based cake shop called Homebaked by Farah.


Someone mistook it for an ice- cream
and was kept in the freezer for days.


It was a chocolate cake in a tin can topped
with bits and pieces of marshmallows.


It was firm and an extremely
moist cake upon cutting,


…and we were worried that the prolonged freezing
 might have ruined the cake. We were wrong.


The freezing made the rich chocolate cake
perfectly chewy and the tiny crystals of ice
created a deliciously refreshing sensation.


It was a delightful idiosyncratic discovery that led  to
 the creation of one of the most delicious unintendedly
 frozen chocolate cake desserts we ever had in our lives,


...and we have Homebaked by Farah to thank for.

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