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Hotel St. Ellis Legazpi: Needing Upkeep and Proper Maintenance

Hotel St. Ellis Legazpi 
Needing Upkeep and Proper Maintenance

I needed to renew my PRC Card in Legazpi and it was a holiday in Naga,
 the kids didn’t have school so I decided to bring my family along with me.

We booked at St. Ellis Hotel, without intending to stay overnight as we just
 wanted a room where they could relax while I am the regional PRC office.

We arrived at almost noontime in St. Ellis Hotel after a more than  two- hour drive
 from Naga City. The hotel seem to be downscaling  their operations as the reception 
counter  was empty so we had to check in at one of the office tables by the lobby.


The hotel had a modern contemporary designed lobby,

…and the beautiful minimalist interior
made the small lobby appear spacious,


…but looked dark and gloomy as most of  the lobby lights were turned off, which,
just like the empty front desk may have been a part of operation downscaling.


I noticed however that the lobby seats were not well
maintained and is in dire need of reupholstering.


Check- in was easy, and the lady at the front desk was  
very courteous, and we were room bound  in a jiffy.
Signs of poor maintenance were evident even on doors
of the suite rooms on hallway on our way to our room,

…form chipping off paints,


…and sloppy repair jobs.

The corridor wall lamps were also not working, either
 another maintenance fail of having busted bulbs, 


...or a part of operation downscaling as they were never turned on.


We booked in a De Luxe Room located at the fourth floor, an 
average-size room  with tastefully done modern elegant interior,

…with a comfortable king sized bed, with one of the bedside 
lamps having busted bulb. Another indication that this hotel 
needed a good maintenance department that really works.


At the other end of the room is a multipurpose shelf 

that serves as a working table /.vanity area,


…as a stand for the flatscreen TV,


…and as a mantelpiece for the minibar. that 
had an electric kettle for a  coffee maker,

…a drawer for dinnerware,


…and small, empty refrigerator.

It had spacious empty closet save
for the electronic safe in one corner.


It had a beautiful and spacious toilet,

…a nice shower area,

…provided with basic amenities,
and sufficient toiletries.

Still evident of poor maintenance are bathroom
door as the paint is stating to peel off,

…and the bathroom vanity needing a repainting.

Thankfully, this is also one of the few hotels
in the country that had a bidet in the toilet.

The room had a panoramic window with a view of the
horribly filthy and poorly maintained swimming pool.

The room had only one landline at the bedside,

…and there was a very slow and sometimes almost no
 Wi Fi connection in the room, so the kids had to go to
 the nearby mini lobby by the 4th floor elevator landing,

…which unfortunately, was dark as the drop light bulbs were
also busted- another indicator of the hotel’s poor maintenance.


The St. Ellis Hotel  is right at the city center of Legazpi,
and is of walking distance to all the major malls in the city.

It also  is a short drive to the PRC Regional center
where I was headed to renew my expired license.


There is nothing much to do in St. Ellis Hotel.

The swimming pool was moldy
and grimy as  pump was  broken-

…and the spa was also deserted and just like everything
else in the hotel, also a victim of poor maintenance

But it served the purpose of giving a safe place for my
family to stay while is was having my PRC card renewal.


This café is the saving grace for St. Ellis Hotel Legazpi.

Since we only stayed for about 5 hours in
this hotel we didn’t get a chance to dine here,

…but I was able to blog about this Café
in the past and tremendously enjoyed it.


St. Ellis Hotel Legazpi;
Attention Maintenance Department.

There were tell tale signs that St. Ellis Hotel Legazpi
was once a beautiful and grand hotel, as the modern
European inspired interior was tastefully done.

They also did not scrimp and save by using lovely, exquisitely
embossed wall papers both in the lobby and in the suite room
The curtains and the drapes  were also elegant and  top notch.

But as soon as we checked, we discovered
several maintenance fails in the hotel
.First: Most of the lobby lights were turned off
making the lobby looked abandoned and desolate.

The front desk was empty making the hotel
looked unwelcoming and guests are directed
to check in at the shift manager’s table.


There is abundance of lobby seats but
some of them needed re- upholstering.

Second: Indications of poor maintenance were
evident on the hallway on out way to our room.
The suite room doors were showing signs of
paint fatigue with signs of hastily done repair jobs.

The hallway wall lamps were either not
working or were never turned on at all,

…and even the drop lights at the elevator
landing mini lobby were also busted.


Third: The room was okay, still there were still signs of
poor maintenance as one of the bedside lamp was busted,


…the toilet door pain was flaking, and 
the vanity shelf needing a repainting.



Third: Of course, the last but not the least, the filthy, grimy  and mossy
 swimming pool. They might as well drain it until  the pump is repaired as
  it might become a breeding ground for  Dengue carrying mosquitoes.

We had an early check- in the hotel and we were thankful for the staff as they were accommodating, we also checked- out in the afternoon to return back Naga on
 the same day.  St. Ellis Hotel is nothing but a shadow of its once elegant past 
and because of poor maintenance may not be an ideal place to stay in Legazpi.

We didn’t have to stay overnight,  but it served the purpose of giving a safe place 
for my family to stay for few hours , while I was having my PRC card renewed.

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