Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Holiday Inn Makati: Executive Floor Suite Room

Holiday Inn Makati  
Executive Floor Suite Room       

This is the fourth time that we stayed in Holiday Inn Makati. 

The first time during our flight Jakarta on a Manila
layover about  two years ago where we stayed in one
of their standard suites for several hours. We didn’t
want to get stuck at the horrible NAIA Terminal 2
while waiting for our flight to the Indonesian capital.

We stayed overnight in their one- bedroom suite
at the executive floor level when we returned to
Manila from Jakarta on our way back to Naga City.

We booked at Holiday Inn Makati again when we traveled to 
Orlando  during our overnight layover in Manila this year, and stayed 
once more when we returned to Manila on our way back to Naga City.

On our last two stays, we booked were on their
executive floor level’s standard suite rooms.
The people at the concierge at the ground floor,



...and on the  front desk by the lobby
were courteous and helpful.


we were offered cold drinks at
the lobby being IHG members,


…the check in was a breeze,


…and we were in our room in a jiffy.


Interestingly, we stayed on the same room on
our way to Florida two weeks earlier and when
we returned to the Philippines two weeks later. 

Executive Floor Suite Room      

The room was exactly identical as the
the standard room at the lower level.


…but more spacious.  

It had two double beds designed
to sleep two persons per bed,

...and provided with both
firm and soft pillows.

It had a comfy lounge chair by the bedside,


.... a well stocked mini bar,

... and refrigerator,


… a huge flat screen TV,  


...and a working/study table by the TV,
provided with all sorts of electrical outlets.  


The room had panoramic windows offering
a spectacular view of the Makati skyline.  


The closets were spacious and provided us
with amenities that would make us feel
at home, safe and comfortable.   



It also had a sturdy stand alone coat hanger 
and this is the only difference with that of the
standard room at the hotel’s lower floor levels.   


The bathroom was beautiful and spacious,



....unlike on the lower floor rooms the
executive floor suite room had a bathtub,


...and provided with sufficient toiletries.



This is also one of the few hotel that 
had a bidet by the water closet.


The room had three land line phones,
 one on the working table,

...another by the bedside,


...and one the toilet.  

It also had a fast and free WiFi  internet, making
connectivity to the outside  world was not a problem.  


They also have a business center where guests could use 
and even  print airline tickets and boarding pass to free.


The hotel is located right beside and had
a direct access to the posh Glorietta Mall,  


…so there is really a lot of places to visit and
very close to so many dining destinations.


Holiday Inn has a beautiful
and scenic roof top pool.

It also had a well equipped gym.  


Flavors Restaurant   

Flavors Restaurant, had a glorious
spread of international  dishes,  

…on their dinner buffet.  


It also serves as a venue for the
free massive breakfast buffet.   



Executive Lounge  

Our Suite Room stay came with a privilege
of a buffet breakfast at the Executive Lounge.  

The service here more personal
as the place was more exclusive,

…but the buffet spread is not as massive
as the free breakfast buffet at Flavor’s.  

The OZ Bar  

The hotel has a hip bar at the rooftop called
the OZ , that serves as a poolside restaurant,   


...and as a restobar  for those wanting
to hang out  and relax at night.  

Holiday Inn Makati is a very affordable but luxurious hotel,   
with five star hotel amenities, at unbeleivably a three star price.

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