Saturday, May 2, 2020

Sugar- free Choco- Chip Cookies Covid19: Quarantine Baking Series 10

Sugar- free Choco- Chip Cookies
Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 10

Tim has been baking Choco- Chip Cookies
using oatmeal as a lower glycemic alternative
to flour, but the sugar still keep his favorite
cookie high is calorie and glycemic index.

His daily treadmill routine would not
be able to burn out all the calories

…coming from the granulated and
packed brown sugar in  the recipe.

Using Sugar- Stevia calculator comes in handy,

…as most of the cookie calories are actually
coming from the sugar and not from the flour..

The baking procedure was basically the same,
but our you chef decided to add chocolate buttons
to make the choco- chip cookie more chocolatey.

We’ll, that’s an additional calorie,

…but it would have been worse

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