Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Padi’s Bistro Adobong Kambing: Delicious, Exotic and Dangerous

Padi’s Bistro Adobong Kambing 
Delicious, Exotic and Dangerous

We enjoyed the exotic dishes the first time we dined
at Padi’s Bistro but we made a mistake of asking them
to chop the Fried Itik as there were lots of chopped fine
bones making delicious exotic bird too dangerous to eat.


We returned once more and ordered what was
supposedly a Boneless Bangus, as mentioned
in the menu,  we were serve a perfectly fried
fish that was not deboned so no one touched it.

The Adobong Kambing was no different.

It was so delicious but laden with lethally
fine sharp bones making the dish inedible.

While Padi’s Bistro serves delicious the exotic food,
but some of the dishes are potentially dangerous to eat.

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