Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Family Kitchenette: Bicol’s Best Fried Chicken

Family Kitchenette 
Bicol’s Best Fried Chicken 

Long before Max’s restaurant invaded Bicol
there was Family Kitchenette in Legazpi City.


It serves one of the most delicious 
 fried chicken in this  part of the world.



 It was a the most naturally tasting fried  chicken.
The crispy skin was devoid of  horrible breading and
 tasted with nothing but the a delightful hint of brine.


We revisited the restaurant and had the chance
to taste the famous fried chicken once more.
Nothing has changed and still tasted just the way
it was several decades ago when we were young.


It also serves one of the tastiest and juiciest ribs in Bicol. 


This a must try and must order dish,


... in this good old heirloom 
restaurant in Legazpi.

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