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Oriental Hotel’s Flavours of Asia

Oriental Hotel’s Flavours of Asia 

If my review of Oriental Hotel on the first time
we stayed there five years ago had gone from
bad to worst during our last stay in  the hotel,


…one improvement that I have noticed
was the quality of food that they serve.


We dined at Oriental Hotel’s Flavours of Asia 
located at the lobby, upon checking in at noontime,
and our room would not be available until 2 PM.


It was a beautiful restaurant but
was not attuned to its Asian theme.
The restaurant had and indoor.


…and outdoor dining areas, and the latter
offers an awesome view of Mayon Volcano.


We started our lunch with a classic Chinese Wanton Soup. 
It was a complete soup with a delightful sesame aftertaste
and with generous amount of  plump vegetable dumplings.


The Seafood Chopsuey was delicious and perfectly cooked.
The stir fried mixed vegetables were fresh, crunchy and not
soggy and mixed with an abundance of various fresh seafood.

What could have been as ordinary deep fried, breaded fish nuggets 
was made extraordinary by having four different sauces as a side dish.
Sweet and sour sauce, oyster Sauce, chili sauce, and ginger sauce 
made Four Harmony Fish  so excitingly delectable as it is like
 eating a different fish dish after every dip from different sauces.


Of course, no Chinese meal is complete without a sweet and
 sour dish  and since we already had a fishdish we ordered  
Sweet and Sour Spareribs. It is a leaner version of the traditional
 sweet and sour pork. The rib bones may cause a little inconvenience 
compared to the otherwise boneless dish, but it was just as delicious.  


While’ majority of hotel guests may not be generous in reviewing  the pricey, 
yet poorly maintained facility- but with the delicious food  that they serve
 and the excellent service that they have in Flavours of Asia Restaurant, 

…I believe it is the saving grace of
the otherwise forlorn Oriental Hotel.

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