Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Global Kitchen: The Oriental Culinary Journey Continues

Global Kitchen 
The Oriental Culinary Journey Continues 

 Our first visit on Global Kitchen took us
back to a nostalgic gustatory journey of
our wonderful Asian travels in the past.


It was a fantastic dining experience, that
we returned for more culinary adventure.


We started our dinner with Lemon Pepper Squid 
for an appetizer. The kids found the dish creepy as
the squid with tentacles and all was deep fired after
being coated with batter. It tasted naturally delicious
at is was flavored with nothing but salt and pepper.


The Vietnamese Chicken Pho was devoid of
briny flavoring tasted so deliciously pure. It is
a wonder on how Vietnamese food, could be so
tasty despite using only the very basic ingredient.


We love Pakbet but we hate the grisly ‘bagoong’ 
that they usually use to flavor this popular Pinoy dish.
Global Kitchen seem to read our minds by serving a
bagoong free version, by topping the it with crushed 
‘chicharon’ instead of the traditional salty, shrimp paste.


The delicious Phad Thai is a must try dish in Global Kitchen. 
Also known as Pad Thai or Phat Thai, this globally popular
dish is made of rice noodles, which are stir-fried with eggs, 
tofu  and fresh veggies. It had a hint of fish sauce, shrimp and 
garlic aftertaste. It had an exact spice of pepper and served
with lime wedges and sprinkled chopped roast peanutson top.


Another must order dish her is the Beef Rendang. 
Bathed in an aromatic coconut sauce, the meat in
this dish so tender that it falls apart and had a melt
in mouth consistency and bursting with the delightful
flavors of curry, turmeric and other exotic spoices.


The healthy Ginger Lemonade was revitalizing
and a refreshingly perfect way to neutralize and 
wash down the spicy but overly delicious dinner. 

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  1. Hi.. beef rendang and vietnamese pho are both ok but we did not like the Pad Thai.. you should try the pad thai at SR THAI at Concepcion street perpendicular to Dapitan St just beside UST.. the shrimp tempura at Global is also very good..