Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Padi’s Bistro, Vista Mall Naga: Exotic Dishes, Exquisite Bicol Cuisine

Padi’s Bistro, Vista Mall Naga 
Exotic Dishes, Exquisite Bicol Cuisine

We were excited to dine at Padi’s Bistro 
as it did not only offer tradition Bicol cuisine

…but also a good number of exotic dishes

It was  our first visit, and we ordered Halaan Soup
but it was not available. Not a good sign for a newly
opened restaurant running out of stock on it second
day of operation. We settled for Tinolang Tahong 
and fortunately it was an excellent tasty alternative.


The Fried Baloco was very delicious. Also known as pen shell
thriving in the sea waters of Sorsogon and the province’ native
delicacy. It was dipped in flour and fried to a crunchy perfection. 

Guisadong Toge at Tokwa was an easy favorite.
The stir- fried fresh monggo bean sprouts, topped
with chunky fried tofu, was a deliciously healthy
and hearty dish that tasted like a lumpiang hubad.

The Fried Itik got us so excited when it was served
as it was my family’s first time to eat a native duck.


It was very tender and juicy, without weird smell of
gammy aftertaste. We had it chopped and it was a
mistake as unlike chicken, it has  fine bones that broke
into smaller pieces making the bird dangerous to eat.


We enjoyed our first excursion in Padi’s Bistro 
 and we would definitely come back for more.

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