Saturday, April 22, 2017

McDonald’s Fish and Fries: Delicious and Addicting

McDonald’s Fish and Fries 
Delicious and Addicting

My family’s favorite comfort food is Fish and Chips 
or in some cases, Fries and we never fail to order
 this  dish if offered in the menu whenever we dine.


When we learned that it is available during the holy week
at McDonalds, off we went to find out how it would fare
compared to our all time favorite- Sydney’s very popular
Bondi Beach Fish and Chips, our gold standard for this dish.


McDonald’s Fish and Fries was served in a small
plastic basket, with the perfectly fried golden brown
fish, and a heaping mound of French Fries on the side.

The fish was fresh with extremely light breading,
it was lightly seasoned, which was my ideal-
 gloriously crunchy on a bite on the outside,


 ...tender and juicy in the inside  but not greasy at all. 


Although it tasted great even with nothing on it, 


...the tangy tartar sauce gave it an extra tasty kick.


Fantastic fish of Bondi Standard. No need to review the world’s 
best fries. It was love at first bite on fish and fires in McDonalds.


According to the store it is available for a limited
period of time during the Lenten season, but I
hope it stays forever as it would surely be missed.

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