Thursday, May 22, 2014

Woodstone Kitchen at BoraHut Temple

Woodstone Kitchen @ BoraHut Temple 
Penafrancia Avenue, Naga City

We have long wanted to dine at Woodstone Kitchen, 
but we never get the chance to find a parking space.

This time, luck was on our side as we found a vacant 
parking space in front of the BoraHut Temple, a lifestyle
center in Penafrancia , where the restaurant is located.

 We were impressed to see how
beautiful  BoraHut Temple was.

 The lifestyle center offers a common
beautifully landscaped  al fresco garden 
dining area for its several restaurants.

It is reminiscent of a relaxed, carefree, 
isolated Pacific Island laid back lifestyle.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover 
that the owner of Woodstone Kitchen 
was my wife’s classmate in college.

 It was a hot summer night and we enjoyed
their delicious Iced Tea that had a hint 
of a delightful tropical mango aftertaste.

We were given a complimentary organic 
salad for appetizer of what appeared to
be mint leaves, topped with white onions, 
bits and pieces of ripe mangoes, tomatoes
and strips of chicken with just the right 
amount of zesty and slightly briny vinaigrette.

The Sinigang na Tuna Belly had the right 
tinge of sourness, had huge chunks of fleshy
fish bellies, and aside from the regular veggies 
like okra, string beans and tomatoes, they
added generous amount of camote top leaves 
on it that gave a sharp pleasantly acrid flavor.

The Mixed Vegetables was a colored and 
sweetish version of the classic Chop Suey.
It was tasty and the vegetables were fresh.

 The Grilled Squid was chewy but soft
and served on a sizzling platter together 
with stir fried veggies and was delicious.

I would highly recommend one of the best tasting 
Lechon Belly in the city. It was very crispy on the
outside but very tender and  succulent on the inside. 
It was served with two types of sauces, but there is
really no need for those as it was already very tasty.

 Just as we thought that we already   
have everything that we ordered, 
they served us a complimentary dish that
blew away our senses: Crispy Pinangat. 

 The native Pinagnat was coated with dough and
fried  to crispy perfection, without  affecting 
the texture and the taste of the laing inside.
It was served topped with curdled coconut milk.

 Although it had a nice location in the 
BoraHut Temple, the Woodstone Kitchen 
deserves a place of its own, as it is unique
innovative and offers excellent cuisine,

 …and not just be a part of a food court as
 I believe this restaurant had a huge potential
 to flourish, to be great and famous.

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