Tuesday, January 9, 2018

El Requete: Delicious Spanish Dinner (Medieval Caceres Series 3)

El Requete 
Delicious Spanish Dinner
Medieval Caceres Series 3 

It was already late in the afternoon and we were all starving 
when arrived in Caceres, after a six hour bus trip from   
Lisbon, as we had not eaten anything except for the 
very early breakfast at the hotel buffet before leaving,


…the grapes at the Gare do Oriente,


…and the native sour candies in Badajos


We walked our way to the Plaza Mayor,


…and El Requete was the
very first restaurant we saw,


…there was a vacant table for four, so
we immediately decided to dine there.


Sitting at the al fresco section of the restaurant overlooking 
the Plaza Mayor and the famous Arco de la Estrella, we had
 one of the most wonderful dining experiences of our lives.


The service was excellent and although
the waiters were friendly, and didn't speak
English, they still tried to converse with us.

To start with we were served breads and bread sticks
at no cost, which quickly disappeared from the plate
as we hurriedly gobbled them to ease our starvation.


They also served a Tapa Plate and also suffered
the same fate as the bread, as we hastily ate them.
The tapa was a potent appetizer. It tasted so good-
it intensified our hunger and left us craving for more

I’m not really sure if Sopa Pescado was the name of this
dish, but that’s what I heard from the non- English speaking
waiter and how I remember him saying it.  I ordered for a
soup with fish as the main ingredient and  this is what they
served us. A creamy rich soup with tangy- sour tasty broth,
 from  what I understand, was made from fresh salmon.


The Conchinillo Asado was served topped with giant red
pepper rings and stalks  asparagus. Spiced with white and
green onion rings with a mound potato wedges on the side.


It was so delicious as the skin was crunchy, yet the flesh
was very tender, juicy and seem to melt in the mouth.


This classic Spanish grilled rice, the Paella Mixta contains seafood, 
Spanish chorizo, and chicken. The ‘bomba’ or Valencia rice was 
perfectly fluffy and not  too moist. Since it was served in a cast iron 
paella hot plate, it created an awesome ‘socarrat’. It is the prized layer 
of deliciously crusty caramelized paella rice at the bottom of the dish. 


The Fritura de Pescado was served late but it was worth the wait 
as it was so delicious. It was served in a massive plate brimming 
with various perfectly fried seafood, from calamari, sardines, 
chunky fish nuggets, crunchy squid feet and plump prawns. 
Everything was crunchy went well with the tangy tartar sauce dip.


My family chose to eat here after we were approached at the 
Plaza Mayor  patio by a young lady who works hard recruiting 
customers to their  restaurant. We were not disappointed. The 
service  was  excellent, and the food was very delicious!


Our overall dining experience was outstanding,
and I would highly recommend this wonderful
restaurant to anyone visiting Caceres, Spain.

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